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From Overthinking to Love Flowing

Online training to help you stop analyzing and creating problems in your love life, so that you can connect with another person with love and ease. 

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Here's a recap, once again, of what you'll learn: 

    • Real reasons why we overthink and get lost in our worry thoughts.
    • The difference between overthinking and analyzing, and how your brain works.
    • The effect it has on your relationships and how it disconnects you from your partner (current or a potential one).
    • Games your mind plays to create problems that didn't exist in the first place.
    • What triggers your overthinking habit.
    • How to slow down, relax and feel peaceful from within.
    • How to connect with self and trust yourself.
    • How to connect with a man, with a calm heart and mind, feeling confident within yourself.
    • Effective exercises (NLP, mindfulness, meditation) that you can do anytime by yourself, and that will help you to remain peaceful and balanced. These exercises also prevent overthinking and they break your unhealthy thought patterns.

BONUS: How to spot your inner-critic and start befriending it!

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