Every now and then, I have a week (better say, two or three weeks) when I just want to disappear into my world, not talk to anyone, and just be with… me.

These are not necessarily bad times. But when that moment “That’s it! I’m not doing anything anymore!” hits, it’s definitely because I wasn’t taking care of myself and because I was putting work and other people before me.

When We Give 24/7

When we only work and give, chase deadlines, have a thousand-and-one task waiting to be done, please others, say “Yes” when we’d rather say “No”… It’s just a matter of time when life will exhaust us, and the only thing we’ll want to do is to slip under a blanket, cover our head, and hide from everyone.

Ever had those? Curled up under a blanket and “Nope, I’m not going out!” moments? 🙂

Well, I had mine three weeks ago. Hiding under my thick grey blanket, curled up in silence, enjoying its warmth. For all I cared, there could have been a World War III starting outside, I wouldn’t peek a millimeter, but only say “Sshhhh! Go awaaay!”

If you feel like you want to curl up and hide, that you have failed to put yourself first, or you feel drained because you were trying to please everyone but yourself.. Here is something you can start doing for yourself that will make all the difference in the world.

The Four Weekly Rituals for Your Mind, Body & Heart 

I’ve included four rituals into my weekly schedule and I guarantee you – if you take only one or two of these into your week – you will end 2017 feeling more balanced, having more energy and joy for life and others. Most importantly – for yourself.

There rituals allowed me to still do the work I needed to do and see people I wanted to see. I had my under-the-blanket recharge, but I also continued to work on my goals.

I enjoy in all four rituals once a week. However, the first one was (and still) is a daily must!

Here are the four rituals you can do on a weekly basis to recharge your mind, body and heart
(and to create more self-loving peaceful days):

Ritual No 1: Enjoy a 20-minute morning routine.
– if you already have one, add something new to it.

Once again, morning became the most important part of my day.

Because, no doubt, how you start your day will impact the rest of it.

And if you can’t find 10 or 20 minutes of the entire day for yourself, what’s the point of living? Sounds theatrical, but seriously.

How do you start your day? Do you just rush out of your bed and start running around the house? Or you wake up, make yourself a cup of tea/coffee, journal, meditate?

(*Note: If you’d like me to share my morning routine with you and give you some ideas on what you can do for yourself, just leave a comment here and let me know – I’ll share.)


Ritual No 2: Have one or two days in your week when you go to bed at 10.00 pm
(even earlier if you can!)

This one’s a challenge alright.

But here’s the thing – no matter how hard it might be to close your laptop, say “no” to a friend or family member, turn off your phone and go to bed – it sends a message to our body and our unconscious mind that we ARE important. That we ARE choosing ourselves.

We are teaching ourselves that we matter and this will help us choose ourselves in other situations in life as well.

What do you think, which day of this week can you go to bed early and have a good night sleep? 😉


Ritual No 3: Enjoy an Offline Day – spend it alone or with people you love.

Take an entire day off, living in the offline world, No phones, laptops, Facebook or Instagram… And if you can’t take an entire day – take half.

For me, Saturdays are those days. I spend Saturdays either home alone (mostly in bed or a bathtub reading a book 🙂 ), or with my friends and family enjoying lunch and time together.

The weekend is reserved for the Offline World – and me.

What do you do in your offline world? Do you have one?


Ritual No 4: Bask in a Mindful Act of Love
– at least one Act of Love a week.

If you are a part of my Lovables Facebook group (if you’re not, click Here to Join), you are probably familiar with the Mindful Act of Love.

A Mindful Act of Love is a deliberate action, an intention to treat yourself nicely.

It doesn’t matter how big or small that act is. You just need to be present, enjoy yourself while doing it, and keep in mind “I’m doing this because I deserve it! I want to treat myself in a loving and caring way.”

Examples of Mindful Acts of Love:
Turn your phone off and enjoy a good book or movie.
Buy yourself your favourite lunch and enjoy every bite of it.
Spend some extra money on flowers for your bedroom.
Stay all day in pajamas and eat cake 🙂
Learn how to knit a blanket.
Go to an exhibition.
Take an afternoon nap (a longer one).

Your Mindful Act of love can be a part of your Offline Day Ritual.


The end result you can expect?

Doing these things on a weekly basis helped me to feel like a woman again.

It helped me feel happier with myself and to look forward to things I want for me.

It helped me to hear what’s important to me and make better decisions about work and people I give my time to.

Because we all need time for ourselves, too.

We all need to put ourselves first here and there.

Is it time for you to do the same?

Let me know in the comments: Will you try some of these things?

Also – comment if you’d like to hear more on what to include into your morning routine.

To your peaceful mind and heart,