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If you spend too much time thinking about your love life, analyzing what he said and his behaviour, searching for hidden meanings, and creating wild scenarios in your mind on what might happen, this one's for you... 

For years and years, I believed that I was good at putting two and two together and reading people (meaning, men). I used to analyze my conversations, who said what, and I would comment with my girlfriends, replay stories.

I would also worry if things might go bad. Of course, a part of me would be happy because I'm seeing the guy I like, but then all kinds of thoughts would creep "What if you mess up? What if something happens? What if he doesn't like you that much?" What if this, what if that... so another part of me would ponder upon these questions, day in day out. 

It took me a long time to realize that my constant analysis of man's words and behaviour was ruining what I could have easily and effortlessly have with him - if I only knew how to rest my mind and stop making problems where there were none. 

I wasn't just thinking about things, I was way overthinking, and I created a lot of problems for myself, without even realizing it. 

And if your love life is not how you want it to be, you might be doing the same.  

What overthinking looks like?

Well, here's an example: Something unexpected happens between you and the guy you're seeing (or your partner); he says something, or changes his behaviour; and in your mind, you’re already listing all possible reasons for it and trying to figure out if you had something to do with it.

You try to make meaning of it. You run possible scenarios, dissect the story into a trillion little pieces, looking at it from different angles, asking your friends what they think, deciding one thing then changing your mind, you endlessly think… Until it drives you insane!​

Sounds a bit like you? 

Then keep on reading because I have something for you. 

​Thinking is natural.


Here's how you'll know that you have crossed the line and that you're doing more harm than good: 

1. When you start obsessing over more and more details and try to find meaning in every little thing that someone said or did (including yourself)
e.g. "He said he likes how things are going for now. Why 'for now'? What did he mean 'for now'? Is he expecting something to happen?"

2. When you start to worry about things that you think might happen - but they rarely do. It’s those What-ifs, “What if this happens… What if that happens…”
e.g. "What if he doesn't like me anymore? What if he's not telling the truth? What if he's just saying that?"

3. When you enter a mind loop that leads nowhere, going in circles, recycling the same conversation or past events over and over again.
In other words, you sound like a broken record.

4. When you start to feel paralyzed and you don’t know what to do, or you feel like you can’t take any action.
Lost about what to do next, how to react or change things. 

5. When you start to feel physically unwell – in the form of headaches, anxiety, shortness of breath, tightness in chest, gloomy moods, and mood swings.

"When we go into our world of thoughts, doubts and worries, we disconnect from the other person. We are no longer involved in the relationship as it is, but we shift our focus to fear and uncertainty. We start to create stories that are not true, but nonetheless, we act as if they are."

When it comes to love, there's no need to worry and think this much.

Instead of trying to figure out what's on someone's mind or what will happen, and feeling lost or unsure... become peaceful and confident within yourself
Use that time you usually spend thinking (or worrying) about someone to actually build a good, strong relationship with that person. 

Let me show you how to do it, step by step, with my training...

From Overthinking to Love Flowing

A five day online training that will help you to stop analyzing and creating problems in your love life so that you can connect with another person with love and ease.

What will you learn?  

  • Real reasons why we overthink and get lost in our worry thoughts. 
  • The difference between overthinking and analyzing, and how your brain works.
  • The effect it has on your relationships and how it disconnects you from your partner (current or a potential one).
  • Games your mind plays to create problems that didn't exist in the first place.
  • What triggers your overthinking habit.
  • How to slow down, relax and feel peaceful from within. 
  • How to connect with self and trust yourself
  • How to connect with a man, with a calm heart and mind, feeling confident within yourself.
  • Effective exercises (NLP, mindfulness, meditation) that you can do anytime by yourself, and that will help you to remain peaceful and balanced. These exercises also prevent overthinking and they break your unhealthy thought patterns

What's included? 


    The course is designed to guide you step by step, day by day. Each morning, you will receive one step, a video with your daily lesson. 


    Each video lesson has its follow-up workbook with your daily assignments to spark insights and breakthroughs. You will also receive exercises to do on your own. 



    I’ll be hopping on Facebook LIVE five days in a row for approx. 20-30 minutes to bring to you the content of the day and answer any questions you may have. 


    A private Facebook group that will be opened during this course + one week of extra support. You will have full two weeks of access to this group to get my support, ask questions, and share your progress. 

ALL videos will be recorded and you will have a lifetime access to them.

The price for this course is only £57. 
One payment.



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BONUS LESSON: How to spot your Inner Critic

...and start befriending it! (value £97)

Yes, it's all about that nasty voice inside your head that makes you feel bad about yourself and not loving/worthy/sexy/smart/_________ (insert your own) enough. It's time we do something about it. 

Relax, trust yourself, enjoy connection with that someone, and see things unfold exactly as they should - their best!

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