Welcome to your Day 2 of the course

From Overthinking to Love Flowing


1. Watch Video Lesson for Day 2 (22 minutes)
2. Download your workbook for Day 2
4. Pop into our secret Facebook group, and share your WHY. 

* Important Notice: Please, watch the without any distractions or interruptions. Take some time and watch them in peace. Don't do something else and listen with half an ear.  Here and there, I will ask you some questions, and you will have to feel and think about certain things.  If you are not fully present, you won't be able to experience what I'm teaching and explaining here. Therefore, for your benefit, I kindly ask for your full, beautiful, loving attention. Thank you. 
With  love, 

Step 1 - Watch Day 2 Lesson (22 min)

Step 2 - Download Your Workbook 

Step 3 - Share your WHY in our group