10 Things About Me

Instead of my usual biography, I’ve decided to share a few personal things with you...

1. I am a certified NLP Coach and Master Practitioner. I’ve been into NLP since 2006, and I simply LOVE it! In the last seven years of my work and training, I’ve learned a lot about life. What motivates us, how we deal with emotions and thoughts, and how to make leaps in life, big or small, scary or terrifying, doesn’t matter actually, because, in the end, they all turn out to be the right ones.

2. I cry like a little girl. No, I don’t. Wait, no. I do. Every time I see one of those motivational videos, people helping each other, rescuing animals, various stories about less fortunate… I CRY like a little girl! Especially if it’s something nice, warm and loving. Boy, it’s like Niagara Falls here.My closest ones find it very amusing, every time we watch such videos, they look at me closely and start to tease “C’mon, let us see those tears!” So when that happens, we all laugh (and I cry) at the same time. (Funny moments 🙂 )

3. I love working with a woman who isn’t afraid to dig a little deeper and really change things that are big in her life. I love love love when someone takes responsibility for their actions and says “I got this!”

Whatever it might be that they’re struggling with, they say “I don’t know how, but I’ll find a way to make this work.”
Do ever you feel like this?

4. You can’t see my eyes when I smile. I can see yours, but you can’t see mine. True story! My eyes squint so much that I look like I’m from some Japanese cartoon. It can get pretty hard to make a photo where I’m smiling, but you can also see my eyes.

5. I used to work with clients as a life coach, and I’ve held business workshops and training. I started working with women as a love and relationship coach because women chose me. It started happening more often that ladies would come to me with love problems, and we would fix it in no time. One thing led to another, and I realized how much I love this work and how much I can give. You, ladies, rule!

6. I lived in Bali for several months. It was freakin’ magical!! 🙂

7. I am from Croatia, and my hometown is Zagreb. Game of Thrones was filmed in Croatia, did you know that? We have an amazing coast and the best food. You should definitely visit Croatia one day. (Let me know if you decide to).

8. I am an ENFP type in 16 personality test. Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceiving. Yes, that’s me.

9. I never liked yoga before and I never understood that ommm. Why do people go ommm? So, after living in Bali, I finally understand the whole concept now. I like mindful yoga, but you know what? I never go ommm. Can you give me tips about ommm or you’re just like me?

10. In the summertime, I wake up at 5am and I’m up at 6am in the wintertime. I LOVE mornings. They are so quite, everyone is sleeping, no calls, no chats, just silence, morning dawn, sun coming up and me welcoming the day.


Oh, and one more (I guess this makes 11 things)

11. I ask A LOT of questions. Sometimes, I drive my partner nuts with all the questions. Which is a good thing in the coaching business, because I don’t only ask a lot of questions, but I ask the right questions. I can ask you questions that will make you shift from a problem to a solution within a minute.

Do we have something in common? Feel free to share in the comments 😉

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